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Expired Meds Questions
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    Default Expired Meds Questions

    Hi everyone. First off, I'm super happy to have found this site--seems to be some well informed folks here. I have some questions about expired medications. Let me say first that I am currently on methadone, but I'm sick of that monkey on my back, and so is my wallet. I'm quitting this week (tapering to an end)--and nervous. I read about the "Thomas Recipe"--and was intrigued. As for the first ingredient-Valium; I have about 20 of them, blue 10mgs-but they are expired. Does anyone know if they still might do the trick? What about expired Trazodone (similar to Zoloft, according to insurance company)? I also have a ********************load of expired Citalopram (Celexa is the name brand, I do believe). Will any of these help me in the detox process? I have all these left over meds because I was afraid to continue taking them when I started the methadone. Everyone knows that benzos are a nono with methadone--and I figured that antidepressants couldn't be much safer. One more thing--The mineral supplement listed in the recipe, it calls for zinc, phosphorus, magnesium,copper, and potassium, maybe something else. Would a fulvic mineral supplement suffice? It has all the aforementioned supplements plus about fifty extra. Did I get the right thing? I'm not a real homeopathic expert--at all. I went in there with the recipe and said, "I need this stuff, please". Now I have the mineral supplement, some B-6 vitamins, potassium gluconate, L-Tyrosine, Immodium, and a whole bunch of expired meds that may or may not help me. Am I ready to detox or what?

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    Good luck with that, Methadone is the hardest drug in the world to kick, this site may help you.

    Expired meds are usually still good for quite a long time, the antibiotics go bad, but most other drugs are still good for years.

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