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Fentanyl to OxyContin???
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    Unhappy Fentanyl to OxyContin???

    I am having back surgery (laminectomy for spinal stenosis). They want you to give up your Fentanyl pain patch(es) prior to surgery. They will give me OxyContin after surgery, but within 6 weeks they want me off the Oxy and no going back to Fentanyl. I think I would still be allowed my Norco since I'm not allowed aspirin or NSAIDS. I had weight loss gastric bypass.

    1. Is the OxyContin time released? That won't work with my stomach.

    2. How much OxyContin equals 37.5 fentanyl patches plus 4 Norcos?

    I am scared. Here at UCSD they realized they messed up putting everyone on fentanyl, now they want NO PAIN CONTROL USING NARCOTICS!! This past year they've tried me on all kinds of weird pain controllers with nasty side effects and no pain relief!! I am down on my Fentanyl from .50 mcg to 37.5mcg, almost at .25. Side effects like killer headaches, nausea, fatigue, chills, just feeling lousy.
    I'm also cheating by using Alieve. I have lots of arthritis and headaches and it helps a lot.

    Suggestions/comments welcomed.

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    Pattisun,just saying hello,east coast,so I'm up late.that question is not for me sorry.don't have much experience with fentanyl. Just wishing you the best,hopefully someone has that kind of knowledge.sounds complicated,maybe a dr. Or pharmacist could help with that.anyways,pulling for you,jimmy,I do know they make immediate release oxy also.
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    There are both immediate and extended release forms of oxycodone. There isn't a pill form of fentanyly and I'm guessing that's why they are wanting to switch you from that to the patches. It is easier to monitor and control your dosing of pain medicine from a nursing aspect.

    As far as differences go they both work similarly, the Oxycodone just tends to make you more sleepy than Fentanyl, lasts 3-4 hours depending on dose/type and isn't quite as strong of a drug as fentanyl.

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    Thank you for the reply. Just the word OxyContin scares me, all the media hype. I guess more people are scared of fentanyl--I've been on it about 8 years. You have to be diligent with it, buts it's been great relief for me. Here at UCSD, they want their patients off Fentanyl patches since there are so many deaths. I'll play along, as long as my back surgery pain is controlled. I'm just very scared, had 2 liver surgeries 2 years ago and got NO pain control because doctors said I was already on too much meds. I suffered horribly.

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