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Fentanyl patch and severe muscle pain and stiffness
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    Unhappy Fentanyl patch and severe muscle pain and stiffness

    Has anyone else experienced muscle pain and stiffness on Fentanyl? Sometimes it is hard to even move. I have been on 50 mcg patch for 3 weeks and never had the problem before. I stopped taking my Lipitor thinking it was the problem but no improvement. I also take Paxil and have read the the combination of Fentynal and Paxil can cause seritonin syndrome was includes muscle pain and stiffness. Help the patch also does not cover my pain. I took 10 mg of Norco for 14 yrs and had worked up to 6 a day before they switched me. My primary doc is now paranoid of prescribing anything with all the new federal regulations and so far have not been able to find a pain specialists in the Spokane/Coeur d' Alene area that prescribes.

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    I find it odd that you're taking a lot of pain relieving medications. If your doctor is paranoid and just keep subscribing many meds then stop him and look for a second's opinion. Taking too much meds can't be good for you. It has many side-ffects and can potentially be addictive.

    I encourage you to stop taking all meds. Consult a new doctor and tell him what works best for you then settle with it. Also reinforce the meds with creams and ointments, exercise, physiotherapy, and relaxation methods.

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