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First Week of Adderall XR (what to expect)
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    Default First Week of Adderall XR (what to expect)

    Hi guys! This is to all who is interested or are weary about them or their children taking Adderall XR, this post if for you! This is my story about the first week on Adderall. So about this time last year, I was all down and doing bad in school, basically in a depression. My focus was terrible for as long as I can remember. Playing games as a 5 year old child was even frustrating as I have never had the attention span to play longer than 15 minutes. So my doc diagnosed me with ADHD at 13. I started on Focalin, then Concerta. Those both made me feel sick and VERY angry. I hated those. I started then on Strattera, which was hell the first week or two. Then, it started to kick in and work! But anyways, geez sorry for getting so off track! But about last month Strattera didn't work anymore. I proposed to my doc saying that I wanted to try Adderall XR, as I read that it was a good alternative to people who don't like Ritalin and such variants. So my doctor gave me the okay, and started me on 10mg of Adderall XR. Now, I'm a big 14 year old, I'm 6' 4" and 230 pounds! So, the first day or two I had some bad headache, and NO appetite if that is a minus to anyone. Then on Saturday I started on 20mg, and I think this is a miracle drug. The first few days I felt better but not really fully attentive. Then on Saturday, Adderall hit me, but it was SO amazing. I could focus perfectly, and was energetically calm. Funny enough, Saturday I sat down to play a RPG video game that I just bought, and I ended up sitting there for 11 hours! yes, 11. I eventually checked the clock and was shocked out of my mind! Also, my "talk a mile a minute" mouth stopped talking and I could listen and process thoughts normally. No side effects anymore (today is Monday) unless you consider the loss of apatite a side effect, I lost 10 pounds while on Adderall! But overall, it has made me perfectly calm and I feel so outgoing. Plus, no more depression! Sorry for making this so long I'm not on anything right I'm a little bit rambly. But thanks for reading and if your in a corner about what drug to take for your ADHD, I would suggest trying Adderall XR first. Especially if your a student.

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    Default First Month**

    Hey guys,

    Glad to report that my first month, wow. It has been incredible. NO side effects anymore at all. It's also very cheap. The generic Adderall XR 20mg is $15 for a months worth and so is 10mg I think. Oh and if you also need an afternoon dose you might want to consider the regular IR like, 10mg at 4 or 5 p.m. Love love love it.

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