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Generic Oxycontin
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    Default Generic Oxycontin

    I want to know what the difference is between the generic Oxycontin compared to the standard kind. There is certainly a noticable difference.
    With the original, one could bite it or smash it before taking it and feel near instant pain relief, even with mod. sev. pain! This new stuff, simply does not do the same thing. I have noticed that there are very hard little tiny "balls" when it is crushed, upon tasting, they are very waxy and certainly do not have the bitter flavor of the original oxy. I have heard that the original company were trying to introduce a type of anti-abuser stuff in the pills that once they were crushed for injection, or snorting that the special ingredient would make the drug uneffective. This was mentioned to, of course, prevent abuse. Does anyone know if something like this has happened to the generic oxy? I will tell you all one thing, something is way different with the generic! Any help would be greatly appriciated!

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    the only generic oxycontin currently availiable is the 80mg teal ovals marked 33 93, made by Teva. They do have a different release mechanism than brand name oxys (as all generics are required) and some people have reported that they have a heard time breaking down the binders and fillers and getting pain relief from these compared to brand name OC's. The Teva's do have more waxy binders/fillers to make crushing to snort or shoot this pill more difficult (I believe that the generics use more wax in their binders, so that it forms waxy lumps when crushed rather than a fine powder). The brand name also uses the "little ball" system you described seeing in the generic, but it must have fewer binders so that the balls can be crushed more easily.

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