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going from methadone to subutex
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    Default going from methadone to subutex

    i am a bit confused to all the information ive been getting relating to the move from methadone to subutex, i am currently thinking about going for a 16 day detox on subutex, as at this moment i am on 18 mg of methadone and have came down from 110 mg and it feels like a life time, but have been told that the subutex actually take the methadone out your system alot quicker, i do know that it can take up to 6 weeks even longer to get the methadone out your system, the last time i wd from methadone i was still wd after 6 weeks and it was torture, i basically want the easiest ride out of this as i am not a great handler of the wd symtoms can someone please tell me the actual facts i know eery person is different and react differently but there must be some actual facts thanx wee b

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    Default subutex and methadone

    There is no "taking the methadone out of your system" involved with suboxone therapy. It is another treatment for opiate addiction, period. If you've gotten your methadone dosage down below 30 mgs. you can do the switch without any fear of precipitated withdrawals due to the naloxone in the formulary. But "how long" you should take it depends. Maybe forever. But at least for the time you experienced methadone wd's the last time you attempted to withdraw from treatment. So at least for the 6+ weeks. Then you will wean from the Suboxone slowly, too. But it does not "take the methadone from your system," it is only a treatment for the residual effects. Good luck
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    Precipitated w/d's have nothing to do with the naloxone in sub. If you start sub treatment too soon, before you are in full withdrawal from the methadone, the bupenorphine will take every bit of opiate off the brain receptors and put you into precipitated withdrawal. This will happen whether you take suboxone (with nalaxone) or subutex (without). The nalaxone is put in the suboxone to stop people from shooting the sub. You have to be off methadone a good 72 hours before taking your first dose of sub (search for COWS worksheet for an idea of when you arei n severe enough w/d to start). As the poster said, it does not take methadone out of your system but it does stop withdrawal symptoms and, usually, cravings. Length of time on sub depends on you. I will tell you this. Less time is better. It is another highly addictive opiate and if you stay on too long, it's no different than methadone. It is meant to be started at a certain dose (usually no more than 8 mg. at hte most) and then it is meant to be tapered off of. It won't get the methadone out of your system but is an aid to getting an addiction under control.

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    Take it from me, don't let them start you on any more than 8 mgs at first (preferably break the 8 mg in half and do half and then wait 30 mins to see if you need the other half). They gave me 8 mgs right off the bat (and I was coming off Methadone too) and wanted to give me another 8 mgs before I left the office but I refused. I felt pretty bad and then next day I reduced to 4 mgs (2 in the morning and 2 at night) and tomorrow am cutting that down to 3 mgs. and then 4 days later will cut that down another 25% and then 4 days later, do the same until I off this mess. I know the longer you stay on it, the worse it will be to come off...

    Just an fyi

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    Just a suggestion. This is how I've worked with people here for years using subs. There are lots of people clean today, myself included, that followed this plan. I based it exactly as it worked for me. Hope it helps. And pay close attention to the INDUCTION section including all links. Hope it helps. God bless.

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