Hi everyone. I am new to this site. I have read the forums/conversations for many years. Anyway, I am in need of advice, support, and answers - from anyone that can relate and/or help me.

I am a chronic intractable pain patient. I suffer from permanent nerve damage, DDD, and have had major spinal surgery - along with some other minor issues, that are unrelated. I have been on pain meds(nearly all of them) for a few years now. Because I am permanently disabled, my income is limited. It is for these reasons, that my pain Dr & myself - have decided to go the route of methadone. I know the stories. I've read & researched A LOT. That's not what I am here for.

I am here, because I need to know - if 20mg daily, is going to be enough methadone - to prevent me from going into withdrawals. I currently take 3x15mg oxycontin + 4x15mg oxycodone daily for my pain. That is 105mg daily total. I do NOT cheat, or go over. I take my meds as prescribed(as we all should).

Anyway, I would appreciate any insight - that people who have been in a similar spot - can provide me. Is this a good cross-tolerant dose? Will the pain relief be as good? Side effects? Etc. I know it's all personalized. But I would appreciate any & all feedback.

This was a VERY long & personal decision I made for my life. I am ok with long-term methadone treatment if it works for me. I don't plan on getting a new spine, or new nerves anytime soon. My goal is inexpensive, long term relief. I don't care about gory details. I NEED the longer half-life methadone provides. I NEED the cheaper cost, and i NEED the pain Relief. Please reply if you could be so kind. Thank you!

Ps details of your switch - if the same as mine, would be GREAT! Did you adjust? Did you get pain relief? Etc.