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Help with rapid detox off 120MGS of Methadone
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    Default Help with rapid detox off 120MGS of Methadone

    I got on Methadone in 2004 when I got endocarditis(heart infection) from shooting up a piece of dirt while using >>>>>>. Methadone was the only thing up til then that hepled me stop using >>>>>> and have a somewhat normal life. After I stopped >>>>>> I started smoking crack daily, I'm using $20-$100 day depending on what money I can get. I have been going to a Methadone clinic since 2004 and I am on 120 mgs/day. The clinic is now gonna kick me out next week because I can't give them a clean urine from crack, I have no problems with opiates, I haven't used an opiate since I started the methadone. I can stop the crack if I want to, it's more of a mental thing, I just don't have any time or choice left. My boyfriend died in March from cancer and I am having a hard time making ends meet let alone having to detox from methadone now. When they kick me out they are gonna rapid detox me in 21 days from 120 mgs, I DO NOT WANT to relapse and I know the withdrawal is gonna be 10X worse than >>>>>> withdrawal. I'm so scared! My friend has offered to take me to her cabin in the mountains and help me get off the methadone and through the withdrawals. Will "The Thomas Recipe" work for me? She has Xanax and Somas and Valium, Will these help? Any suggestions from anyone who has used this method would be helpful, I am stressing so bad worrying what I'm gonna go through, I feel like I could just sit and cry all day. Thanks for anyones help!

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    Coming off 120mg of methadone in that short of a time is asking to end up in a psych ward. Even without insurance every city has inpatient rehabs where you can get in and they can medically detox you. Jumping off cold at 120mg is DANGEROUS to say the least. I wouldn't even consider trying to walk you through that on this forum. You've been doing this for seven years. Sorry but you need some professional help my friend. I guarantee you can get into a rehab. Otherwise you're going to end up firing up again and possibly kiilling yourself. Keep in touch and I'll keep you in my prayers. But please listen to me and get yourself checked into a rehab. I had to do it more than once before I finally got clean, it's nothing to be ashamed of. You're improving your life and you'll walk out feeling proud when you're clean. God bless.
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