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How do you know when/if it's time to up your dose?
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    Default How do you know when/if it's time to up your dose?

    Hi everyone. I started venlafaxine (Effexor) 75mg 3 months ago and it was working great. I first tried wellbutrin and it did nothing for me so I was excited. I also took a melatonin agonist and the combo worked really well, I was sleeping well, waking up "normal" (as opposed to depressed and with no motivation) and going about my day just like a regular person, like I did years and years ago before depression and anxiety crippled me. I had anxiety medication as a SOS but didn't even need to take it. I finally felt motivated and normal, not hyper or anything, just... stable. Which I guess is what you want.

    2 weeks ago though, I noticed I started to get irritable again (a main symptom for me), I wake up feeling less energetic, I don't have as much motivation and I started getting insomnia again. These past 3 days I also started waking up with a sense of impending doom, like something terrible is going to happen. This isn't new to me but hasn't happened in a long time. Does this mean the medication is becoming less effective, or is it normal to have periods like this? I have had a stressful time with home renovations and all the noise and dirt and disruption, but I don't think it's directly linked to my symptoms. I only have an appointment on the 22nd of january and I don't really want to up the dose because effexor has a bad rap and I'm also afraid of weight gain (hasn't happened so far but I'm afraid it will on a higher dose). How do you know when it's time? Is there any chance I'll get better again without the increase or is it all downhill from here? I'm so sad, it was all going so well

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    You experience no relief from depression symptoms after a few months. You should see some improvement within three months of starting an antidepressant. If you have been on an adequate dose of a depression medication for three months, and you don’t get results, it’s probably time to try something new or increase the intake of your current dosage.

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