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hydrocodone to morphine sulfate SR
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    Default hydrocodone to morphine sulfate SR


    IF it takes SWIM an average of 30 mgs of hydrocodone to get there .... how many mgs of morphine sulfate SR (crushed and chewed) will it take to get there? I understand the low bioavailability of morphine ... just not as well as I need to I guess

    I am poised and ready with the gray 30's. Just need to get the balance right

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Default No help huh?

    So nobody wants to offer any advice at all huh? I am not asking for a disertation on opiate tolerance .... just some simple conversion advice hopefully based on experience.


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    We don't give advice on how to abuse drugs on this forum. You don't chew or crush extended release rx opiates. You got the wrong web site. I will pray for you.

    You've received lots of advice on this forum. I talked to you the other day telling you not to use subs "in a pinch" as you put it to get you by until you could score again.

    You need to get clean or else search out abusing advice on one of the many drug forums who thrive on that sort of thing. Not judging you, but I won't participate in telling someone how to abuse drugs. God bless.
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