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Hydrocodone >>. Morphine Sul.
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    Question Hydrocodone >>. Morphine Sul.

    Let me try this again. :~) What is the difference between Hydrocodone APAP 10-500 >>. Morphine Sul. 15 Sus. tab. ? I also have another post there w. more detail. Plz. can any1 help here w. some info????? Thanx. Mara

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    It's just about the same (not weighing in time).

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    For a time, I was actually on both. I suffer from Spinal Stenosis (SP?), and my doctor had me on Lortab 7.5/500mg 5x Daily and MS Contin 60mg 3x Daily. Based solely on that, I honestly feel the Lortab worked better for me, anyway. I also didn't like the side-effects from MS Contin.

    At the beginning of this year, I started seeing a new doctor, as my former doctor was facing legal issues for over-prescribing narcotic pain killers. My new doctor weened me off MS Contin, lowered my Lortab to 4x Daily, and in that, changed the acetaminphen component from 500mg to 325mg. I am actually doing well with all things considered. Though, different drugs affect people differently.

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