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I have two repeats left and no Dr. to refill them!
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    Default I have two repeats left and no Dr. to refill them!

    I recently saw my old Dr. that left a clinic on maternity leave and she said to come back and she would take care of me. In the meantime, I found a Dr. to replace her on a temporary basis. I have cat scans, xray's and an mri to back up
    my chronic pain issues. Well, I came back and she decided not to take care of me! I'm scared to death now, as she had me on 6-40mg oxycontin, which is now Oxyneo in Canada and 4, 0.5 clonazepam a day. She told me she's changed her mind and that I should go to detox. I told her they won't take me as I'm on clonazapam and it's very dangerous coming off this drug. She insists I'm wrong! I know from what I've read that I can go into convulsions and that detox won't take me for that simple reason...they are not a medical facility! If there's anyone out there that has had to come
    off of clonazepam (klonapin) cold turkey...pls. let me know, if u suffered from any convulsions, as I live alone!
    A patient from Ontario Canada

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    Ask her if she can recommend a rehab that can help with your situation. I work as a Medical Assistant in Pain Management and we have a rehab that we send our patients to. This rehab teaches people how to cope with their pain without any medication. This type of facility may help you.

    I'm not sure if doctors practice differently in Canada or have different rules/laws. But a doctor should never just expect you to come off these meds cold turkey, especially if you have been on them for a long period of time. You need to go see her an talk with her, find out why the sudden change of plans. Also see if there is a new plan of care, a weaning does of said meds. If she will not help, go talk to the other doctor you have seen while she was out. Explain your situation to the other doctor, ask if he/she can talk to your doctor or come up with a new plan.

    This is just my opinion and my two cents. I really believe you need to sit down and talk everything out with her. Good luck!!

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