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inducting on suboxon 2moro.. can any1 help me
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    Default inducting on suboxon 2moro.. can any1 help me

    Hi im new here and cant believe how many success stories there are on this sight! this has given me so much hope! I have been so afraid to get clean and have put it off so many times due to fear!

    Anyway i am 46 yrs old, am a pain management patient am aloud to take 150mg time released hydro compound per day.. 3 x 50mg.. i abuse them by taking way more than i should.. between 150-300mg per day.. i also abuse opana 30mg.. snorting them.. i just did a 7 day binge and did 60 30mg pills in that time.. havent taken the hydro since last friday morning.. i plan to do the last opana this evening around 5 so that i wake up in wd & dont have to wait very long b4 inducting the subs..

    I really want off of this rollercoaster ride! i wnt to a rehab center in 10/09.. was there for 8days and was sick for at lease 2 weeks after i came home & made my way back to the hydros.. ive been on pain management for 7 years.. abusing the opana for abt a year and a half.. doing them for 2 weeks then doing the hyro for 2 weeks when i use up all the opana..

    can any1 tell me how much sub do you think ill need to do.. should i start off @2mg @ a time until im stable? any help or advise is very much appreciated!! thank you so much for the success stories! very encouraging.. sorry for the long post

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    Hi summerson,

    My names Rick I'm 56, and this is my second attempt. the first time I went to a clinic with 750mg oxy habit. this was 6 wks ago. within 9 days they had me down to 2 mg sub every 12 hours.
    I thought I had it whupped until the withdrawals. Found this site and seen all the success stories with the tapering method of roberts and am giving it another try I'm down to 6 mg a day now. My first induction was a piece of cake. My second I decided to party one more time and slipped in a long acting oxy contin. I went into immediate withdrawls big time. so number one make sure you don't have anything that is long your system. It really helps if you taper your regular habit down a little bit which it loooks like you have. there's a standard cowls test yu can take to determine what degree of withdrawls you are in. a score of at least 26 is recommended before starting the induction. The first time I inducted at the clinic they weened me down to 30mg oxy every 12 hours for 2 days and it was a breeze. I would have scored about 16 on the cowls. I only waited 12 hours from last dose. the second time when I had the long acting oxy in me I waited 21 hours and was in withdrawls for a full ten hours and scored 30 on the cowls and had a horrible experience. So once again make sure no long acting. you can search this site for the test.
    I've seen lots of people inducted and read about many more as I'm sure you have and it's really quite simple. Read Roberts 325 post on the subject sorry I'm not computer literate enough to get it for you. And follow it to the letter.
    2mg sounds about right. Remember don't take any more then you have to. Just enough to stay out of withdrawls. We're not looking to get high here or feel great. The more you take the longer it will take to get off. Some have inducted in as little as 1.25mg.
    Wait a full hour if your withdrawls are not gone take 1 to 2 mg more. Remember with this drug less is better. Taking too much will only mess you up. do this until withdrawls are gone. Once you get stabilized where you don't have rls and high blood pressure you shouldn't have to take any more for quite a while 12hrs or more. Add up what you take over a 24 hour period divide by 2 and that is your dose for the next 4days. If you are going to dose yourself close to end of the 24 hour period don't add that in just divide what you did up to that point divide by 2 and take your first dose. 12 hours later take your second dose and so on.
    Remember you will be having withdrawls from your habit from time to time don't try to take more sub to mask it. It won't be terrible. heat, sweat maybe. can't eat etc. it will go away 4 5 days and gets easier every day.
    You get this right you'll get great relief from the withdrawls at the beginning and feel not bad the second day and lots better after that.
    Sleep is the most coveted item on the board. catch an hour or 2 whenever yoou can as it might be elusive. Then again you might be one of the lucky ones.

    Once again read Roberts post on suboxone. Knowledge is king
    let me know how it goes.

    Good luck,


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    Here is the sub therapy link.. Read the INDUCTION section closely. This is the most important part of this whole thing. God bless.
    I am not a dr. My statements are based on years of experience and related education. Consult with the professional of your choice regarding matters of concern.

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