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Info on Morphine sulfate
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    Default Info on Morphine sulfate

    I wanted to know about liquide morphine sulfate, 20mg/1mL immediate release. what can this be compared to and what type of dose is rational Im not sure on how to dose it and I dont want to OD. Also how much stronger is this than vicodin or oxycontin? any other info is greatly apreciated.

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    i am recently withdrawing from morphine sulfate 30mg pills. The first couple of days it really helped with any aches and pains, but it very addictive, at least it was for me and the withdrawl from it was horrible. I have taken numerous types of pain meds and this by far is the worst. Its very strong, and is basically legal >>>>>>. Im not sure how much pain you are in, but TRUST ME, if you must use pain meds stay with low mg/s. Use them only as directed. This can be very difficult, because of how good they make you feel, but in the long run its not worth it. I was addicted to them for the last 6 months and recently i stopped cold turkey, believe me it was the worst thing i had ever experienced! If you need more information, go to the painkiller addiction forum and chat with those guys. Their stories and support have really helped me. They are very helpfuland knowledgable. Hope all goes well, take care.

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    Default morphine

    i just started taking morphine sulfate 30 mg pills. but i have worked my way through the progression of pain meds. mophine is MUCH stronger than vicodin and alot more habit forming. i am a 22yrs old stay at home mom awaiting back surgery, and morphine seems to work ok but gives me very bad headaches. i'm not sure about the liquid, but you must be very careful a mophine overdose can be fatal. i would go to your pharmacy and ask them or just call if your need anonimaty. oxy contin and morphine are close to the same thing but i think they prescibe morphine cause it's easyer to control. i know they give me oxy 5 mgs for breakthourgh pain but i rarly use them.

    i have an unrelated question myself, how do you post new questions? someone please let me know.

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    When morphine is taken by mouth it is metabolized and you only get about 30% of the original dose.Vicodin is lousey for chronic pain and isn't very strong to begin with.The liquid morphine is no different then taking the pills.Your still taking it by mouth.I don't understand why you don't know how to take it when the directions should be on the bottle.Either way if your taking 30mg pills then you need to take 1.5ml of the liquid.Oxycodone is one and a half to two times stronger then oral morphine while hydrocodone is roughly half the strength of morphine.Hope this helps and good luck with your surgery......Dave

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