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I've only taken a PIECE of a suboxone, how long until I can return to my hydrocodone?
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    Default I've only taken a PIECE of a suboxone, how long until I can return to my hydrocodone?

    Hi everyone, I've been taking hydrocodone 20mg at LEAST daily for the past year and have become quite dependent on them. I do have a prescription for them, but them all before it was time for my script to be filled. After 3 days of withdrawal symptoms, I gave in and took 1/3 piece of an orange Suboxone pill (not sure what milligram that is) tonight around 8:30 to help get me through the sickness. I felt better within 30 minutes and have never done this before... I am able to get my prescription filled tomorrow morning and plan to pick them up around 10:00am. Will I be able to take one at that time without getting sick or should I wait longer? I've heard that if you have taken Suboxone on a regular basis you should wait at least 36 hours...but if you only take one then it shouldn't cause you to go into withdrawals or make you sick, and that you should still be able to feel the opiate effect of the pill. Just looking for more information on this, I basically cannot function at work in the mornings without taking my medicine and regret now taking the Suboxone tonight at my time of weakness, if it means I'll have to suffer worse tomorrow through work. Any quick advice would be greatly appreciated! thanks

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    You will be okay taking your meds. It may take a day or two before they work as effectively as before the subs. God bless.
    I am not a dr. My statements are based on years of experience and related education. Consult with the professional of your choice regarding matters of concern.

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