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keflex-how long does it stayin your system
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    Question keflex-how long does it stayin your system

    Just wondering how long this drug will stay in your system. I had a bladder infection, and had some old medicine of keflex and took the past couple days, however i have drug tes tomorrow for potential job, and just wondering if it will show in urine test, any info is appreciated.

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    should not show in drug test, it is not tested for on standard tests. but if it did, let me know. only hangs around for a MAX of 72 hr unless you have kidney issues.

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    Default it's an antibiotic

    they don't drug test for anti-biotics. Even still, you shouldn't take drugs lying around your house. YOu need a certain amount of days with antibiotics for them to be effective and for your body not to be resistant to them. YOu need to make sure they are not expired - which can have bad effects. You really should see a doctor before taking antibiotics so you can be diagnosed with a bladder infection. By having leftovers from last time and taking them this time, you're really making yourself resistant to the antibiotics.

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