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Klonopin\Rivotril treatment, please help.
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    Default Klonopin\Rivotril treatment, please help.

    Hello, first and probably last post on this forum.

    I need help and advice regarding clonazepam treatment.
    The help i need is not given by the medical society in here in Norway because they are assholes.

    I need to to this on my own, hence this post.

    I treat myself because of stress induced insomnia, which occured because of various reasons.
    I am in a critical phase meaning i MUST sleep and keep my head straight.
    Only Klonopin gives me the results im happy about.

    Now questions:
    What is regarded as a high daily dose? i try to keep it at max 2mg a day.
    I want to keep addiction and tolerance at bay.

    How long can i use Klonopin at this dose before i should quit\take a break?

    Whats the difference between taking a 1mg dose twice, compared to four 0,5mg doses a day?

    Is it better to treat myself for lets say two weeks on, one week off.
    Or rapidly going on and off it?
    I can manage some days in hell, but in general i need to be clear.

    I have more questions but first i wan't to see if someone can help with this.
    If not, thanks for reading anyway.

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    I would really like som input, share your experience at least. It may help.

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    1000 views. no replies. Guess this is kinda like norwegian practice.
    Take distance and you have no responsabilty.

    This pisses me off.

    I would think that in the critical phase i am in someone would atleast say a word, but whatever.
    The individual doesen't matter anymore, just the facts behind the meds.

    Let me say this straight; without meds, i am a ticking time bomb, i almost dies 2 weeks ago.
    With meds i am controlled, but without guidance i might turn out worse.

    Some feedback would help, whatever, i am unsure about this on my own.

    If you read this, and don't answer, you share the responsability
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