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Klonopin and Vicodin
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    Default Klonopin and Vicodin

    Hello all. My psychiatrist has put me on 2mg of Klonopin 3 times a day. I am also on Vicodin as needed for back pain. My question is, how long after taking klonopin is it safe to take a vicodin? I would just call my pharmacist but they are closed right now.

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    I also take klonopin for back pain and panic. I also suffer servere back pain. im on very heavy duty pain meds, oxy, perc for breakthru. I usually take the klonopin at bed time because I find I get memory loss from it, but I have taken it at the same time as my pain meds if I need to go on a car ride. ( I was in a severe car accident and I get panic attacts in the car) I find the klonopin gives great pain relief for my neck pain. I think you should be fine taking it whenever, but I would not drive while taking both. Klonopin does wierd stuff to ya. Sometimes its fine, and other times I get very loopy. Make sure ya have something in your belly too. I would definelty contact your doctor who gives the vicodin and ask. But please be careful when driving, You can get a DUI for that. We wouldnt want that, plus you could cause an accident. Hope this helps.

    PS.... I just had a spinal cord stimulator implanted 3 weeks ago for my 9 herniated disks. So far so good. If you have really bad back pain it can be an option.

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    klonopin I believe is a benzo and benzo's are known to increase the effects of opiates (vicoden, percocet, etc..) When taken together u are put at a higher risk of overdosing. People have taken the two drug types together for years so I'm not saying that u shouldn't do it, just a warning to b more careful if u do. If the same doctor prescribed both meds then I'd trust the instructions written on the rx. If your supposed to take klonopin 3 times a day then I'm sure u must be dealing with a lot a anxiety issues.. Have u ever considered taking something like lexapro or celexa? There are many anti depressants that work well for anxiety as well..
    But as long as u don't overdo or abuse either of the two meds then u should be able to take each one as prescribed. Good luck, and I hope u can find the right combination of meds to work best for you

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    Default Just in my long experience

    Klonopin is a long acting med which stays effective in your system a long time so taking over lapping doses is something I would only do if dr wrote it that way & you are not driving. I had to stop taking it because I felt hung over very badly in the morning or early afternoon while taking it.
    So just be careful & always remember everyones body handles these chemicals differently so what happens to one is not always something to base YOUR situation on. Talk to your dr & good luck.. As far as stimulator I had one trial put in yrs ago & felt like a hornets nest inside me so please let me know how that is working for you because mine was done 10+ yrs ago & had to rip it out
    Good luck

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