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Lamictal, topamax, and wellbutrin help
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    Lightbulb Lamictal, topamax, and wellbutrin help

    Hello, I am currently taking 40mg Prozac, 200mg lamictal and 60mg cymbalta. I have been diagnosed and fighting depression for approx 5 years on Prozac. The lamictal was introduced November 2008 after a diagnosis of bipolar 2. And last but not least cymbalta was added because my depression was starting to win the fight and I was cycling much more rapidly (several times daily). I have done research and I am looking at talking to my doctor about dropping the prozac and cymbalta and pick up the topamax and wellbutrin. I know I can feel better still, it's just gonna take time and a few trial and errors. My question is, does anyone have experience with this combo for depression and rapid cycling bipolar? Thanks!!

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    Default same thing!!

    i always have rapid cycling everday, its hard to deal with and i never know how im going to be feeling because my moods are so up and down. i was just put on lamictal and it seemed that my mood swings were worse, i had to be takenn off because i had a rash all over my arms and legs i was also on concerta at the same time and lexapro. and now i am on abilify lexapro ad adderral. which is working great. i take my abilify at night because i have terrible racing thoughts, and now i get completely relaxed and sleep better than i have in forever. i stilll find it really hard to relax during the day because i am so anxious about my moods, but my concentration is muc better and just as you i know it takes alot of patience to find a meducation that works. but it is worth it. i hope this was helpful!

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