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Lexapro-Hot Flashes won't stop!
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    Cool Lexapro-Hot Flashes won't stop!

    Only on Lexapro one month, had many side effects, especially severe hot flashes. Most of the other side effects have diminished but hot flashes continue. I went through premature menopause (due to surgery) in the 90's and never had hot flashes. Does anyone have any imput? I'm almost to the point of going on hormone replacement therapy to see if that will help. I have been taking natural estrogen products (DIM, Estrovern) and they have helped some.

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    I am on lexapro and also in menopause. It could be a result of the mixture of lexapro and the natural hormones. Having the strain of the lexpro on your liver-added filtering-may be imbalancing your natural hormones. Going on the HRT will help with the flashes maybe, but willl agin put more work on yur liver and then you will have other sypmtoms-beleive I have been there too. I have been trying to balance my system out on a 10 mg. dose and withdrawing from HRT. I too have serious hot flashes, but with mineral and vitamin support I believe I have conquoredd that piece for now.

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    I have had the hot flashes on Lexapro at 20mg. Lowering my dosage to 15mg I still had hot flashes. I am now on 10mg for the past two weeks. I have had two hot flashes. I don't know if that is from lowering the dose and a withdrawal effect, or if I am going to continue to have them. I plan to stay on 10mg until the end of March. Then I will try to taper down by 2.5 mg. I would like to be able to discontinue using it, but it may not be possible for me. Good luck

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    they will hot flushes,tremor,sweating lasted about 3 months....keep taking your worked for me ..i started on 20mg 4 years ago and i take 10mg daily now

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