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    I was on lisinopril as my BP had gone up, I am adrenal/thyroid patient. I was having problems as my labs said okay, but had lots of hypothyroid symptoms. I finally found someone that realized I had rT3 problems, it stops T4 from making T3....I was not high or low cortisol as I am on drug therapy for my adrenals so my cortisol will get hormones to the tissues.

    I found out from friend with thyroid problems, that her doc treated her with lisinopril for her hyperthyroidism, but said it is not good for hypothyroid. Could the lisinopril be then what was causing my rT3 problem because it was blocking the making of T3 which my body needs. I am being treated to get rid of the high rT3 and got rid of the lisinopril........

    I read all about lisinopril informations, it does not mention anything about blocking anything. Could it be a beta blocker? Of course I am not sure exactly what BETA means, if someone could fill me in.....but I was told by a very reliable source that it sure blocks some things, I know it is listed only as an ace inhibitor but some beta blockers block thyroid and adrenal receptors I am now on Cardizem, which is not an ace inhibitor or beta blocker, it only blocks calcium so the blood vessels can relax and widen....

    Anyone got any info for me on any of this, would sure appreciate it.........

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    lisinopril works by "blocking" a protein/enzyme in the body known as angiotension converting enzyme. it has nothing to do with beta-receptors of the heart and is not a beta blocker.

    it would be used to treat high blood pressure in hyperthyroid but not treat hyperthyroid itself.

    i have never heard of lisinopril blocking t4 converstion or causing increases in rt3. nor could i find documentation of any thyroid disorders associated with lisinopril

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