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Lithium 900 er and latuda 40mg
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    Default Lithium 900 er and latuda 40mg

    Hi....I am taking Latuda for about 3 months now. I took depakotte (2000mg) for 7 years but I was getting really irritated. So mad week he took off the depkotte and prescribed me lithium (2 pills of 450mg at night) . it's been 3 days since I started....but I can't feel any difference. Actually I feel anger...extrem anger. To the point that I want to scream and throw stuff around.
    Is this normal? This anger comes from no where...I can watch tv because I get angry, I can't look at my husband because he makes me angry. My sweet little dogs make me angry. What is wrong with me.....please help!
    Thank you
    Ps. I also have prescribed clonazepam orally grating tables of 1mg which it doesn't do anything for me. Expect to help me fall asleep when I take 3 or 4 of them.
    I also take zolpidem ER 12mg otherwise I will spend nights completely awake.
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