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Looking for data on max. det. time for Cannabis "one time user"
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    Question Looking for data on max. det. time for Cannabis "one time user"


    First off I wanted to say this is not a "How long will THC stay in my system if..." topic. Rather, I am looking for scientific data and anecdotal (sp?) evidence to determine what the maximum detection time is for THC when your system is completely clean of Cannabis and a user takes 1 single hit / smokes enough to get high once. We already know that when you smoke, your blood is 100% saturated with as much THC as it can carry and it is deposited in your fat cells. We already know that every time you smoke, e.g. daily, it raises the amount of the chemical stored in your fat cells and at maximum, it takes 30-90 days to detox of any traces. We already know that it depends on your metabolism, and exercise is the only thing that can speed up the elimination of those chemicals from your body's fat deposits.

    Basically the only single reliable source I can find on how long the detectable chemicals of Cannabis stay in your body on the minimum end of the scale (which i would assume would be someone who takes one hit and has a high metabolism) is on - which states 3 days.

    I have heard a lot of rumors floating around that 3-6 days is how long THC stays in the system for the occasional 1-time-user. I've come across some great threads here, especially on cannabis tolerance, and was wondering if any experienced users here can shed light on this topic. For average or above average metabolism, will a one time smoker tend to have the THC reside in their system for 3 days? or more on the 7 day end of the scale? Literally aside from Errowid, there is only speculation on the subject and half of the population on message boards will say that a one-time-user will have THC stay in their system for 30 days, which is obviously only true for a frequent user. There's a lot of misinformation on the topic. Thanks for any feedback. Let me know if any of your hamsters have had experience with smoking once with a clean system and know of when their system is free of the chemical.

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    No one has any personal experience with this?

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