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Lyrica & Cymbalta
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    Default Lyrica & Cymbalta

    My teenage daughter was taking Lyrica for 6 weeks and had every bad side-effect associated with the drug - worst being deep depression. The doctor is now weaning her off Lyrica and wants to prescribe cymbalta, but I'm not sure this is much better. Drugs are being used prophylactically for nerve pain following a double spinal fusion a few months ago. Even though cymbalta has an antidepressant, I believe it has a bad history of adolescent suicide. Does anyone know anything about cymbalta?

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    Default Traci Johnson

    Just google the name Traci Johnson.

    She was a 19 yr old college student who was earning extra money as a "lab rat". She was enrolled in a clinical trial for Cymbalta in Feb 2004. She was considered a "non depressed, non suicidal" control patient.

    On Feb 7, 2004, just 4 days after she stopped taking Cymbalta and was given a placebo.... without any warning... she hung herself in a bathroom at the Eli Lilly center.

    She was one of 2 "control patients" who... along with 5 other patients... committed suicide during that trial.

    The typical suicide rate among the general population is 1 per 10,000

    Among US soldiers in constant combat, it's 2 per 10,000

    Among Cymbalta users it's..... 1 PER 600 !!!!



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    I've been on Cymbalta for about two years. I was on Cymbalta and Lyrica this past winter at the same time. The Lyrica was Horrible and I was practically bedridden. I can't really say much about the Cymbalta. I didn't really notice any major effects from it, but I had already been on antidepressants for about 4 years before that. From what I've read on this webpage and from my own experience is that once you start the Cymbalta......... coming off of it is very difficult. If I didn't get to the pharmacy in time and I missed a 24 hour dose............... I got deathly sick!

    Wish I could help you more.....The main thing is that the Cymbalta will not effect her anything like the Lyrica did. My Rheumatologist said that people can either take Lyrica or they can't. There is no in between. I was one of the "can'ts." Good Luck!

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