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medically induced coma? propofol?
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    Default medically induced coma? propofol?

    I was in a medically induced coma for 7 days they used the same stuff michale jackson died from. I wanna know if there is any risk to it? I had 12 seizures and a stroke because I smoked spice the legal >>>> weed... they decied to put me in a coma because I died twice and they revived me. I have really bad memory loss now and I hate it my whole life is almost gone and I forget everything like resent stuff

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    You are one lucky girl. You must have a guardian angel. I'd never even heard of "spice" until you mentioned it. I just read about it online. All I can say is, wtf?! I'm sure you'll stay away from that poison now.

    The best thing to do is speak with your doctor about all this. I don't know anything about Propofol or its side effects. If you're still experiencing problems, see your doctor immediately.


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    In what capacity did you use this drug? Were you trying to do a unconscious detox under medical supervision

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