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Methadone and the liver
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    Default Methadone and the liver

    I am new to this board and have a question. I have hepc and cronic back pain. My health care provider has recommended Methadone as a pain treatment for my back pain. I have taken percocit for at least four years and it has little effect. I have had surgery and it has failed to solve the problem. My question to this board is, what effects if any will Methadone have on my liver. The hepc was the results of 20 blood transfussons for a milory wise tear to my esoficus(sp) in 1981. I am one of the lucy ones in that my liver functions remain normal and I am quite concerned about what I take and the possible effects to my liver. Anyone have any info.


    Ed Crowder

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    Methadone would be an excellent pain killer for your condition.Methadone has been reashered over and over again.Long term use does not cause liver damage.I know people who have hepc and have been on methadone for 20 years.As you probably already know, stay away from booze it will kick the #$*& out of a liver with hepc...........Hope this helps.....Dave

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