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Methadone and Percoccet
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    Default Methadone and Percoccet

    Hi there, folks. My pain management doctor put me on Methadone back in July for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. If you know anything about RSD, and how it acts when something else is wrong with the body, then you understand my desperation for an answer.

    I'm usually on 10mg of Percoccet, but since she lives four hours from me (it's been rough finding a PM who doesn't automatically call me a drug seeker and write me off, despite the fact that I've made 30 pills last for 6 months before), and in Florida, it's illegal to mail a prescription for any narcotic/opiate. She sent me 5mg of Methadone instead, and told me to see how it works for me. It was okayish as a painkiller, but really didn't do anything, and just made me feel like ???? (and vomit blood, possibly. Another option for that would be the pacemaker lead that I had put in to help my Gastroparesiseroding into my stomach), so I only took it when I couldn't bear the pain anymore. Because of the whole eroding lead thing, I ended up in her neck of the woods for my pre-op for the removal of the lead. My surgeon prescribed me 5mg tablets of Percoccet to tie me over pain-wise till my surgery on November 7th.

    I hadn't take Percoccet since early July, so I figured that the measly 5mg would probably knock me out. It didn't even touch me. It took three of them over the course of ten hours to even make me a bit woozy. I had no idea why this was happening, that maybe my body had just gotten really used to metabolizing it, and didn't care anymore. Tonight, though, it hit me why it probably isn't working. My last Methadone was a week ago, but I'm going to guess that it, and it's jerky opiate-blocking abilities, are still in my system. Do you, in all your infinite knowledge(s), think this is the case? If so, should I just continue to take the Methadone (despite the GI bleeding) until my surgery whenever I'm in too much pain to deal, or wait till it's out of my system and take the Percoccet, which, sadly, is probably much safer?

    Thanks in advance for all your help.

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    if you havent taken methadone for a week. its not that. and methadone doesnt really block opiates, it just fills your receptors pretty full.

    but no, its not like subs, which can block other opiates. methadone will not do that cept on large doses. (i was on methadone program, and would still use morphine on top of it.)

    good luck. methadone is hard to come off. if you didnt have those percs you would be withdrawing hard right now. methadone is a good long term painkiller tho. way better than percs, you dont have the ups and downs so much, more level.

    hope something ive said helps.

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    Thanks so much. I didn't really have methadone withdrawals when I stopped taking it. Then again, I usually try and cut the pill in half if I can get away with not having to take the whole thing for pain; That may be why.

    Or perhaps I did withdrawal, but didn't notice because I'm in pain one hundred percent of the time, and wouldn't really notice any more if it affected my whole body. It's also been pretty cold here (a whole 75*F! Sound the alarm!), so I've been shivering a lot. Now that I think about it, I probably did have withdrawals, just didn't notice because of that pesky vomiting blood thing. That's mainly the reason I can't be on Methadone long-term; it causes too many GI problems, and I've already lost quite a bit too much blood from my stomach and esophagus to be risking any more.

    Again, thanks so much for your help; I really appreciate it.

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