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Metoprolol(Beta Blocker) Blurred Vison
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    Default Metoprolol(Beta Blocker) Blurred Vison

    I take metoprolol(Beta Blocker) for anxiety 175mg daily.

    OK my question:I know its a bit of an odd ball Q, I can try other groups too or maybe use the ask a doctor feature on some health sites.

    I’ve read Blurred Vision as one of the side effects. Has anyone heard of/or know if its been known to have noticeable effects on vision. The main reason I'd like to know is I'm already near sided(Astigmatism, and my job involves driving a delivery van and I must pass a vision test to keep driving(I'm close to the border on the criteria for that test, they told me) and was wondering if the Metoprolol could effect the test results enough to make a difference.

    Oh and NO, I'M NOT going to loose my job or anything like that, there's always someone leaving were I work.

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    Click on the highlighted metoprolol in your post. It will bring up a seperate screen on that particular medication. If you read it you will find that it specifically warns people who drive for their job.

    There are other medications for blood pressure besides beta blockers that don't cause that side effect. You say that you're using it for anxiety? Is blood pressure involved as well? What health problems do you have that require this medication?

    I'm not a dr but I would recommend you ask your dr about a calcium channel blocker if your blood pressure is high and then do something else for the anxiety. I've taken about every type of blood pressure med there is and the CCBs have had less side effects than anything I've taken. That's for me at least. But yes your med can cause blurred vision. God bless.
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