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Is mixing Lortab and Percocet(low doses,at the
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    Default Is mixing Lortab and Percocet(low doses,at the

    same time) a dangerous thing?? Say a lortab5 and a percocet 5??? Thanks in advance.

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    Well it dangerous because they are both narcotics. Both of these narcotics slow down your respitory rate, which decreases how often you breath. The other major concern is that they both contain acetaminophen which is tylenol, It may appear on your prescrition as APAP. To much tylenol is toxic to your liver each of the pills you take that are 5/325 means that there are 5 mg of the actual pain med and 325 mg of tylenol. So you need to be aware of the amount of tylenol you are ingesting. You should not take more than a 1000mg of Tylenol in 8 hours. The maximum dose that the body can have in 24hrs is 3000mg. Also these meds should not be taken multiple times a day for longer than 10 days without consulting your doctor. So please just be careful the combo of both is dangerous. Hope this info helps [8)][8)]you!

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