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Ms contin to fentanyl patch help!
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    Default Ms contin to fentanyl patch help!

    I've been taking ms contin for awhile now. Each day I take at least 60 milligrams. There's days I take more. I've taken 3 or 4 30 milligram. I'm having to switch to 25 milligram fentanyl patch. Do I need a stronger dosage to not go into withdrawal? For instance, yesterday I took 60 milligram MS Contin and at around 12 tonight I put I 25 milligram fentanyl patch on. I did that because it says it takes the patch 8 hours to work. My question is, if I'm going to the right dosage of fentanyl patch which is 25 milligrams every 72 hours from, 60 milligrams of MS Contin? Right dosage as in no withdrawals. I have no more of MS Contin but if I need to, I'll get some but I don't want too really. I would just like a smooth transition to the fentanyl patches.

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    Hi there,

    For a smooth transition you would need the equivalent Dose of Fentanyl patch (approximate):
    92.8 mcg/hr

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