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Need Advise About Suboxone Please?
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    Default Need Advise About Suboxone Please?

    Hi there,
    I am new to this forum and rather than drive myself crazy going through everyone's posts, I thought it would be better to ask directly. Hope I am putting this in the right forum. I was hoping to get some advice about Suboxone. One thing that has been jumping out at me while researching is that it's crucial not to just get on a program without educating yourself, thus doing it "the right way." I am not sure what the right way is for me personally, so I was hoping someone could advise me with that. Let me spill my story a little.

    I am 34 and have been injecting D since I was 20. Only two years of the fourteen was I ever completely clean from D itself, but not the physical addiction, and that was because of a methadone program, which really helped me at the time, but for whatever reasons, I eventually got back on. After going program to program, dose up, dose down, and regular >>>>>> use, trying to find again whatever it was about methadone that got me off of dope, I've come to realize that I'm not finding it with methadone, and have stopped trying. I have a nasty nasty habit (12 to 15 bags a day). I usually do about 3 in a shot, and I'm realizing as I've gotten older that my tolerance is not as accepting as it used to be, neither is my body. I get sick a lot quicker, beginning about 8ish hours after no use, whereas it used to be at least 12. Anyway, it's nasty. We get it.

    A few months ago, I finally mustered the courage to even consider going into a detox and kicking everything, which I haven't even considered since I was 23 or so. I made arrangements and had to place myself 4 hours away from the city (I live in NYC) otherwise I knew I'd not make it through it. My intent was to detox and go right into rehab without passing go or collecting 200 dollars, as it's in the same facility as the detox. I was ready. And as most people here would know, the emotional commitment to actually "do this for real" was difficult for me. But I was there. I went, was doing okay considering the fact that I was detoxing, but I wasn't even considering leaving, and then after the 3rd day was almost completed, the suits had me sit down with them and they explained that my insurance would not pay for anything beyond 3 days of detox, much less rehab too. So, I was basically discharged (which was nice not to have an AMA bail out) after 3 days with a referral for an outpatient program. THey put me on a greyhound, still withdrawing, and I came home. I'm sorry but we all know an outpatient just isn't going to cut it after 14 years of >>>>>> addiction.

    So, back again from the beginning. I've been hearing and reading such good things about Suboxone, but like I said, I wanted to reach out to someone who's been through it. I have an appointment on Monday and I'm starting to have a couple of concerns, not wanting to talk myself out of it, but I'm a little worried or curious about a few things:

    One is that I might get myself into something without a way of getting out besides detoxing. For example, what if I have no Subs and I'm unable to get to doctor? Does that mean I go to the streets? Is there no way of stopping the withdrawal unless I have more suboxone or I just detox? No other ways to get better - methadone, etc.? I've always been used to doing dope if/when I get sick, or methadone, though it seems that if you're sick from this stuff, or not, and you do D, you're pretty screwed. Does that apply to any opiate too? Has anyone ever done this that might want to reach out to me, either here or email?

    Another one of my major concerns, and this may apply to people differently, but one of the reasons I was initially interested in checking out suboxone was because it was dispensed like any other medication, with a prescription. But this place I am going to on Monday, seemingly, is similar to a methadone program in that you have to go everyday for groups and whatnot, but I don't know if that means you have to get dosed everyday too. I DO NOT want my physical health depending on every day presence especially if I have no way of feeling better if I'm unable to get there; otherwise I might as well just get back on methadone. At least I will have a backup.

    I don't want anyone to get the impression by my statement above that I'm not serious about getting clean because I am. I just don't want to have to depend on "business hours" to keep myself from being sick. I have an odd illness which is sporadic, and if it hits on a morning where I have to be there, I will NOT be able to get out of bed. This worries me. Are all suboxone programs different because I truly was under the impression it was a take home prescription that did not require everyday dose?

    Have some other questions regarding physical stabilization and whatnot too. Maybe someone could email me? Is it against the rules to add my email address to the forum?? Obviously I am very uneducated on this subject. I'd really appreciate any advice, thoughts, etc. Thanks so much!


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    Richie ..... There are lots of drs in NYC that are certified to write suboxone prescriptions. Just have to watch out with your history that they'll try to give you huge doses and tell you to stay on the subs for way too long. Go to, put in your zip code and the distance you're willing to drive to see a dr and you'll see a list of sub-certified drs. Ideally it would be best to get the script and let me do this with you right here.

    Read the following link. I've done this here for years and I can help you if you want me to. I only ask that you follow what I'm asking to the letter and I'll have you clean including be sub-free in a few months. Let me know if you want my help. God bless.
    I am not a dr. My statements are based on years of experience and related education. Consult with the professional of your choice regarding matters of concern.

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    ritchie, i had very similar questions to you. i used iv drugs for years, and was on methadone programs too.. i started subs at 12mg, (which was still pretty damn high) and got down pretty quick... i am off subs now for 18 months, and never looked back....
    once you are stable you should get takeaway doses, or you might get the right doctor that gives you a script and sends you off to do it yourself... just make sure you read the link robert provided so you dont take the subs too early... ( i did and it sucks trust me)

    you can do it mate. i never thought i could be free of hard drugs, i had resigned myself to being a junkie my whole life, and its just not true... we can get free and its awesome....

    good luck.... you can do it...

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