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Need Quick Advice re: Tramadol/Valtran (Tilidine) Interaction
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    Default Need Quick Advice re: Tramadol/Valtran (Tilidine) Interaction

    Hi Folks,

    I hope someone can give me quick advice. I'm on 150-300mg of tramadol daily for a herniated disc. I've had 150 at 8AM today, and 150 at 7PM, (it's now midnight here in London.)

    My doctor gave me a supplementary prescription for Valtran this week after I complained that the tramadol
    was becoming slightly less effective, (though still mostly so.)

    The Vlatran is oral 150/12.

    This prescription was done via email due to travel, and we really didn't get the chance to discuss how to use it safely with tramadol, (or if they can even be used together.)

    I've had a fairly sharp increase in pain tonight after a flight, and would like to take one of these, (I just filled the prescription today.)

    I'm a 6 foot, 270 pound man, by way of describing body type. Have been on the tramadol since June.

    Would talking a Valtran now be dangerous?

    I'm a very cautious guy with drugs, but am hurting.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have no clue about any possible drug interactions. I've never been to London. Is there possibly an all night pharmacy open that you could call and speak to a pharmacist? Or place a call the US (not sure why I am assuming you are from the US) and talk to a pharmacist to be safe?

    Good Luck

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