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negative test results for hydrocodone
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    Question negative test results for hydrocodone

    This was shocking to me. I take 10mg hydrocodone in pain management and had actually taken three the day before I was tested, and one that morning. I tested negative in the urine test in the office. He then sent it to lab and I tested negative again. I am probably going to get kicked out. Why would this happen and what can be done to increase awareness to these physicians who are so paranoid that they refuse to believe the truth.

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    Default If it were me

    Hello & if I found myself in the same situation & I WAS NOT abusing or not taking me meds I would ask for a blood test to be done ASAP to get the levels of the meds that are in my system. If you signed a contract it does say in most other testing can be done to prove / disprove any problems. I also would ask to see the test results that are showing up negative. Doctors dealing w/ pain clinics have to cover themselves from the people that try & take advantage of the system & it only hurts us.
    So if you are taking your meds like you should be & not just the day before & the day of testing you should not have any problems w/ a blood test. But w/ that said your levels will show if you haven't been doing what you should be.
    Good luck & hope things work out

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    If someone goes into pain management you are supposed to take meds as prescribed. Drs who prescribe pain meds (controlled substances) are monitored closely by the DEA. If a patient is prescribed controlled substances, then comes in for an appointment and tests show no drugs in their system the dr is immediately going to suspect that the patient is receiving the drugs and selling them illegally rather than taking them. You can't sell your script then take some extras right before going in and expect to test properly. These drs know by the test results exactly what someone is doing. That is the reason they are allowed to dispense prescriptions throughout the day for narcotics. And they don't play any games with people and allow themselves to get into trouble with the DEA.
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