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New to Methadone For Chronic Pain
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    Default New to Methadone For Chronic Pain

    So I finally found a new doctor, I tell him I'm at this point because I HAVE to find work but don't want the side effects of norco which makes me nauseated and oxycodone which makes me constipated but I need to be on something because I can't lie down after an hour on the job like I do at home and he put me on methadone. The thing is, I noticed after a couple of hours that yesterday I wasn't in pain without the buzz which I was thankful for but eventually the pain came back and I'm only supposed to take it once a day. So this morning around 3 which was about 12 hours after I had taken the first dose I took two (it's 5mg and I'm told to take one to two once a day if needed) but already it's worn off and I'm kind of miserable. What do I do? How can I tell my new doctor that the medication isn't quite working as it should and what is it that they would normally do in this instance? I actually really like this doctor and don't want a risk of being dropped or anything so I'm just really nervous. Thanks

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    The right thing to do is tell the doctor the truth, that it's not working or only working for a short period of time. The correct way for a doctor to start a patient on methadone (for chronic pain) is to start at a low dose, and then slowly increase the dose in small increments until the effective dose is found. This is perfectly normal and doctors should explain this to patients when starting them on a new opiate painkiller and tell them not to be surprised if it's not effective and the dose may need to be increased. Methadone especially, they err on the LOW side, and you must become accustomed to it before increasing to an effective dose.

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