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Is it normal to feel this way when taking a Xanax?
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    Default Is it normal to feel this way when taking a Xanax?

    This is my brain's thinking when I took the magic pill

    1) Don't care about anything. All the "right" things sound lame. Really lame. Following the rules, love, etc sound lame

    2) All the fun things sound right. Sex, drugs to make it better, money to support it

    3) Dont care about right or wrong. Med school, business, nothing. Just enough to get through today. Don't care about spending money on my girl as long as the sex is good.

    4) Don't care about my girl. Kind of. She's a great catch for sex & fun. So in that sense I do.

    5) I love you, miss you, care for you, loyalty, sound really lame.

    6) Feel the need to marry a lady. A decent woman and be "normal." But live like Tiger Woods on the side bc having fun just makes sense.

    7) I also grab my girls chest wherever whenever. Slap her behind wherever whenever. Talk dirty to her and all the stuff I want to do to her. Etc.

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    How old are you? 15? I'm asking because you sound so immature and childish.

    Xanax is the is the last thing you need to be doing. Withdrawals from it can kill you.

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    sounds like you have a personality disorder instead of a drug addiction... why do you think they dish em out like candy, oh, thats coz once ya take em ya dont give a shyt bout nothin....

    ya cant cure stupid...

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    Default Not a normal reaction to Xanax

    Everything you said makes me think you have an underlying mental illness or personality disorder. Taking a benzo should just calm you down, make you sleep, or relieve a panic attack or anxiety. All these thoughts you are describing make NO SENSE!!!
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