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One crazy weekend, need Ciprofloxacin help
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    Default One crazy weekend, need Ciprofloxacin help

    Long time lurker, first post here. This forum is a great source of information.

    This has been quite an entertaining weekend. Last night I get a phone call that my cousin's first baby is on the way so I need to get to the hospital. Get there at 10pm and stay up the majority of the night with my contact lenses in (6-month duration hydrogels). My eyes are VERY irritated and dry from the hospital A/C system and I was unable to switch over to my glasses until 4am (insert essential "I'm really blind" comment, mine are a bit worse than your standard reading glasses). Glasses helped with irritation a bit, but my eyes were obviously much worse than usual with how dry they were. By 9am my right was feeling much worse than my left, a quick check in the bathroom mirror revealed it was bloodshot and swollen on top of the draining clear fluid and excessive itching.

    Pink eye!

    There's a small clinic/pharmacy a mile down the road that I figured would be much faster than the hospital ER. I was in and out with a prescription for Ciprofolaxin OphthaImic eye drops. I didn't take my ADHD meds this morning and my baby cousin was born while I was still at the clinic, so I got back ASAP and didn't give much thought to what they told me or gave me.

    At home this afternoon I started thinking about that clinic visit. The PA never actually looked at my eye any closer than 4-5ft away with no real examination whatsoever. I said I have pink eye, she glanced at me, and she wrote a prescription on her way back out. My glasses are -19.25 OD and -18.75 OS with polycarb lenses (if you're not familiar with vision prescriptions, it means my vision kinda sucks) so she would've needed a telescope to find my eyes through those lenses at that distance! If she thought it was viral or an allergic reaction, why the antibiotics? I had been awake all night surrounded by funky hospital bugs rubbing my now incredibly irritated eyes that were drier than Ben Stein, if she thought it was bacterial shouldn't they have at least swabbed it for some tests? Thank the deity Hollywood is worshipping this week my conjunctive eye isn't a symptom of some serious staph infection!

    Prolonged contact lens use that night, one eye infected, clear junk coming out, I'm putting money on a virus. Is the Ciprofloxacin simply for preventing some cunning bacteria strike force from sneaking up on my flank while I'm busy waiting for the virus platoon to die of old age? Should I use the antibiotic just in case it is a bacteria trying to win first place at this costume party by dressing as a virus? I took 50mg Hydroxyzine PAM and used a couple drops of Alaway (both pretty good antihistamines) to relieve some of the symptoms, they helped a bit but not a lot. Any other OTC antihistamine suggestions that may work a little better? I'm also

    Conclusion to baby story:
    His son was born just before 11:00 at 8lbs 6oz, perfectly healthy and looks just like his father. Me, well I stayed up all night running errands, caught pink eye, missed his son being born while I was at the doctor getting a useless prescription, and didn't get to see his son because I caught a highly contagious infection waiting for his mama to pop him out! Now I have to go to a job interview tomorrow with pink eye and I need a new $200 pair of contact lenses.
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    Woke up this morning and it's almost completely gone, it's a bit swollen, not much redness left, and a very little bit of discharge still. This thing was the worst pink eye I've ever had and it's just not even there when I wake up.

    Maybe it was a combination of sleep deprivation, long use of contact lenses, very dry air, a lot more exposure to cigarette smoke than I usually have (I was riding in cars with chain smokers to run errands), and me just being an idiot and continuing to irritate it.

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