To anyone wondering about takin one hit of marijuana and takin a urine test.

I read alot of boards and threads when I was tested 24 hours after I took one hit off a joint.Just gonna give ya a quick description of what happen to me 2 weeks ago.

I took one hit of pot at 11am on a monday morning,im 5/11 195lbs.I was drinking beer and shots from monday morning,about 9am till about 4pm.I went home,ate and went to sleep.I had to be at work 8am next day.

I get to work tuesday morn and about 11am(24 hours later)had to take a random drug test(urine test).I go into the room and my boss said,the lab will be here in 30 min,just hang out till they get here.

I said ok and sat next to the water machine.I drank 10-12 cups of water,got to pee once before they got there.When the lab got there,I said ya I can pee,went in,pee'd and said I didn't have to.My second pee was pretty clear.About 20 min later,I went in again and halfway into my >>>>>>(which was pretty clear again)I filled the cup.

2 weeks later,I get called into the office and was told there was a problem with my drug test.I was told it was dulited and I would have to retest.

I asked the lab person why they couldn't test it,even if I had drank alot of water...she said,"the waste in the urine is how they test for drugs and I had no waste to test"...

In conclusion,anyone saying water doesn't help,is full of ********!!

Now the one hit I took 2 weeks ago,shouldn't be an issue on my retest.Am I still a little worried,ya,but im pretty sure im fine.

Funny part is,I hadn't smoked in 2 years,I take one hit and get drug tested the next day,WOW LOL...