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    I'm taking a pharmacology class and part of our assignments ask for over 200 students to go to the local library and look up/utilize 2 PDR's in the library. Was wondering if anyone knows of an online PDR that is accessible by a student and that doesn't cost anything, as i'm not too fond of fighting another 200 students to access information out of 2 available books in the library.


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    Not sure what your school has available but looking back on my first 3 years at Pharmacy school the best investmeent that you can make now is to purchase a handheld and lexi-comp now. It will be invaluable for you in the upcoming classes and patient care assessments. - well worth the money - not free though. The best is Lexi. I have a brand new CD version of Clinical Pharmacology that I am not using - may be able to provide you with it. What Pharmacy school are you in? - or med school?
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