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Oxycodone detection time
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    Default Oxycodone detection time

    Hello all,
    I have been browsing the boards for the answer to my question with no real definite answer. in mid febuary i leave for army basic training at fort benning but before that i have to get a minor surgery done. Nothing major but my doctor prescribed me 75 percocet and i got the oxycodone 5-325. I know i will be urine tested and my question is will it be out of my system for a urine drug test. I will have a little over 40 days without taking it after taking the oxycodone for about a weak. Now i cannot disclose this information to the army because i am going airborne and my recruiter told me since its minor surgery dont bother telling them because they will take airborne out of my contract. So basically my question is after taking oxycodone for about a week how long will it take to get out of my system for a urine test. i apreciate any insighful answers anyone can give. thanks for your time

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    After 40 days off it "you're as clean as a whistle", it takes roughly 5 days after the pill wears off to test negative, I say roughly because everybody's different, but 7 days for sure.

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    thank you very much. was probably worrying a little too much but wanted to make sure. Thanks again

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