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Oxycotin off market??
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    Question Oxycotin off market??

    My b/f is a compulsive liar and told me that they took Oxycotin off the market. His mother takes it, and he said that everyone he knows thats on oxycotin got a letter saying that they were no longer going to be getting oxycotin because it was being taken off the market and instead begiven something else like Kadien or whatever for a pain reliever. I told him I hadnt heard such a thing like on the news or the internet. Im sure I know the truth here but i just want to hear it from someone else. He abuses the medicne, so im thinking he's telling me this so ill get off his case.

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    No Oxycontin has not been taken off the market. Most of the generics have been removed from market following patent infringement litigation won by Purdue Frederick, most companies were allowed to sell their remaining stock inventory up until June 24. The only generic still being mfr'd and allowed to continue is made by Teva, up until at least 12/2007.
    btw, there's an N in oxycontin. Contin is an abbreviation for continuous.
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    The much more important question you should be asking yourself is why are you still with someone who is an Oxy addict and a compulsive liar.

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    i also have a question,why would YOU try to stir up more problems to a stranger who is simply asking a question of some sort,let HER work out HER situation HERSELF! After all, I believe if any1 HERE is asking and anserwing Q/A's in this website,wel,it basically is telling eachother of what WE ALL have in common,HABITS,ABUSE,SOUL SEARCHING &all OUR FAVORITES,DRUGS.
    People who live in glass house's,should'nt throw stones.Leave personal questions of Your nosey intrest ALONE.

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