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Percocet generic abuse tendencies???
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    Default Percocet generic abuse tendencies???


    I have been using for a long time but just joined to be able to post on the forums since I could not find any info on it online.

    My mom is a pharmacist, and she has patients that come in with prescriptions for Percocet 5/325, but they demand that they only want the Mallinckrodt pill with the number 512 on it. Some come in and ask, do you have 'the 512 pill'. She says all the people who specifically ask for the Mallinckrodt 512 always seem a little shady or look like abusers. Some that don't request the 512 get another generic, like Amneal or Watson, and they come back storming in saying that this is not the right pill because it doesn't have 512 on it. My mom said she didn't even think Mallinckrodt is a good brand anyway, why do these people want it? I know there is a slight difference between generics, some can be more potent, or have a different reaction. Does it have higher street value and is that is why people want it? Is it more potent? Any other reasons you guys might know that people might only want that one specifically? My mom really wants to know!! Thank you so much!
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    Default Don't ask me how I know

    If you are going to buy a pill from a non-pharmacist, you have no guarantee it is what is offered.. If you can see the pill looks EXACTLY like the pill pictured in the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) which has colored close-up photographs of all Brand-name pills, then you can be a little more sure that you're getting the real thing.
    It's risky when you buy a generic looking plain white non-imprinted pill. You have no assurance it is what it's supposed to be.

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