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Provera/Depo-Provera as an anaphrodisiac
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    Default Provera/Depo-Provera as an anaphrodisiac

    For personal reasons, I'm interested in diminishing my libido as much as possible, even eliminating it, though not necessarily permanently as would be the case with castration. (I am a male, by the way.) I understand that Depo-Provera is very effective in this regard, though getting a prescription for this might be difficult for someone as myself. It seems, though, that Provera is readily available through online pharmacies and I wonder if this won't have the same effect. Do the two drugs act the same way in men? And furthermore, what should I make of these online pharmacies? I'm a little hesitant to order anything from them since I don't want to get ripped off or purchase a harmful batch of medication.

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    I'm not pretty sure about the effect but as far as I know that Provera/Depo-provera is used for women who are practicing family planning. If it has an an-aphrodisiac effect to women I don't think that it has the same effect to men for a reason that men is not having same hormones with women.

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