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    I have struggled with panic attacks and depression for years. Celexa has decreased the panic, but the depression and fatigue never goes away. I feel like I can sleep for years without a problem. My doctor added Provigil 200mg daily, I have taken this for 4 days so far before my night shift as a nurse. I love the energy, I finally am wide awake and want to do all the things that seemed to take all my effort to get done due to lethargy. But, I also have noticed intermittant foggyness, dizzyness, and difficulty mulitasking. I want to do all the little things for my patients, but fear in an emergency, cant focus enough do act quickly. I have cut the dose in half so far to 100mg daily. Besides, these weird things, I also have noticed extreme dry mouth and foul mouth taste. Has anyone been on this medication, does it get better? I finnally have the energy to get up and be alive, and my low self esteem is lots better, i dont feel so insecure to interact with coworkers....I am also a shy person normally. Oh, and I am also on prednisone a tapering dose, along with hctz, would this have anything to do with this. I really want to be normal, and feel if I could get past this weird head feeling, I might actually be "alive" again for thei first time in years......but I cant chance hurting anyone either! Any and all advice please!!!!!
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    Have you had a sleep study? I was put on provigil back in (around) 2001 when I was diagnosed with "idiopathic hypersomnolence". I, too, had that foggy feeling and eventually quit the provigil. I wasn't sleeping well, and even the provigil couldn't fix that. It just kept me awake, but I was still not fully alert.

    Eventually, I was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea and put on a CPAP (then bi-pap). I sleep like a baby now, most nights, and don't need the provigil for that artificial feeling of being awake.

    It's better than the alternative, sure. I hated falling asleep all the time, driving, in meetings, etc. It wasn't until I had a solid sleep study and diagnosis of the OSA that the actual problem was addressed, >>. the symptoms.

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    I have been on provigil about 5 years. I now take 2, 200mg pills in the morning. I too get the dry bad taste in my mouth. the cure for that is over the counter oral spray Biotene. Some nights I'll wake up with an terrible dry and foul taste in my mouth, 3 or 4 squirts of biotene does the trick.

    I am on provigil because I got very sick in Iraq. Was in a coma like state for four days. I had serious pneumonia and pleurisy. Was sent home and hospitalized for some time. Anyway I had no energy, wanted to sleep all day. I tried to work but I just could not handle it. Had a lot of pain too. Got on disability. A psychiatrist decided to give the provigil a go. Boy the first day I was on it I really perked up. I felt like a new person. If I run out I go back to my pre provigil ways.

    Another thing is cost. At the time it was $10-$12 a pill. Doctors were good about giving me samples but I started buying a generic form over seas for under $1.00 a pill. I still buy them that way now. Customs has never stopped them and they work just as well. Modafinil is the generic version and will soon be available here. Nuvigil is the new brand name that has come out. I've tried samples and I think they last a couple more hours in your system but not worth the added cost. They have about a 15 hour half life instead of the 12 hours of provigil.

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    I was put on Nuvigil for approximately 2 months, from August to October of 2011. I suffer from moderate depression which resulted in a chronic level of tiredness and thus lower productivity during the daylight hours. I found the drug to be helpful in keeping me awake for much of the day, although I would notice that the drug would wear off sooner than I had wanted. As a stimulant, the drug is fine. However, as of now (provigil still isn't generic yet)provigil/nuvigil is VERY EXPENSIVE. I was paying over $ 400 out of pocket, since my insurance wouldn't cover the medication as I did not have any of the listed conditions for getting the drug prescribed (shift-phase sleep disorder, etc.)

    Back in December I was put on Adderall by a different psychiatrist, and I have found that to be a wonderful stimulant. Although it can be addicting, I take no more than 30 mg per day XR, and am wide awake all day without feeling jittery or overstimulated. Adderall is also much cheaper than Provigil, even if your insurance doesn't cover Adderall. I still take Adderall & have benefited greatly from it.
    Current Rx's: Adderall 60 mg (30 IR + 30 XR), Wellbutrin XL 300 mg, Effexor XR 150 mg

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