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Question about Prescription Fill Rule for Controlled Substance. (NY)
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    Question Question about Prescription Fill Rule for Controlled Substance. (NY)

    Hello folks, my name is Brendon. Short background, I'm someone who used to be moderately dependent on opiates, and now I am trying to get on a better track, and am being prescribed Suboxone films. I haven't used any other opiate for at least 4 months, getting close to 5.

    My question is related to Prescription Filling rules for Controlled Substances regarding to Federal or New York State law. I believe Suboxone is Schedule III but I have not found sufficient information online to answer my specific question regarding my own situation.

    At the beginning of this month, I ran short on my last 30 supply for Suboxone by a few days, I will admit, because I had used more than the maximum daily dose a few days trying to relax anxiety. You are welcome to scold and lecture me on my behavior if you wish, I know it is a stupid choice, and as you will see I will regret majorly again.. Luckily my prescribing physician I was scheduled to meet technically before that prescription was supposed to run out. When I took my new prescription to the pharmacy I learned about the 7 day rule, which is apparently a federal rule, that says something that like, a prescription can not be filled for a controlled substance within 30 days of the last prescription fill, until the user has but exhausted a 7 day supply of the last one.

    My maximum daily dose is 1 strip, I get a 30 day prescription written, so 30 strips, but my next appointments with my Suboxone doctor are always 4 weeks later, not 30 days later.

    Unfortunately nearing a month since my last prescription fill, I have realized that I have again mismanaged my prescription, taking more than prescribed, not caring until later on when I get into this predicament.

    My specific question that I can't seem to figure out, just from knowing of this existing 7 day regulation, is about what counts as the start of 30 days for my last prescription, to figure out if I will be able to fill it the day I get the prescription written. I assume New York has an extensive prescription monitoring database keeping track of my prescriptions, so I am curious if it will be counted as 30 days from the day I actually had it filled, or from the day that it should have started if I had used the previous prescription the whole 30 days, as to know when exactly I am within the limits of the 7 day rule this current time. If it is not from the actual fill date but instead when it should been filled not 1 day early, then I can not have it filled the day it is written.

    I know that from the way I described the 7 day rule it would be from when it was last filled, but I do not write it like that with any true confident knowledge of the answer to my question. Plus I somewhat remember my pharmacist telling me the next time I could fill was the date 7 days before if the last two prescriptions were honestly used in length, but I do not remember what he said for sure, so I could be making things up in my head.

    Also, I do not think this is possible given a prescription monitoring database, but is it possible to get around the rule if I take it to another pharmacy?

    A confident knowing answer, such as from a pharmacist, or anyone who understands these laws and the system greatly, or even someone with addictive behavior who has been through this situation before, I would prefer no one to speculate about what, that is all I have been doing.

    It is a significant misfortune I am directly responsible for putting myself through by ignoring the recommendation of the prescription, and as it is the second time, my next prescription I absolutely will not be going over the maximum daily dose, at all, whatsoever, because the situation is one of anxiety not knowing if I will be able to have the medicine I need to function in my life every single day, or if I will have to suffer physically and psychologically as a result, and somehow try to sp???? out my remaining medication. It is also a reminder of what being dependent is like, and a motivation for me to hopefully soon start weaning off Suboxone entirely.

    Thank you for any input.
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    Oh, also,

    something I did find out, was with actual prescription refill, the 7 days exist over monthly refilled long term prescription, and if you get it 7 days early, you have to wait a full 30 days every other time. So since I get a new script written each month, does that mean I get 7 days each time?

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    Default Prescription laws in New York and getting extra subutex before 30 days

    I know this thread is old but I wanted to add some info.

    I live on New York and for some reason, they have recently added additional restrictions on prescriptions over and above the already far too stringent federal laws. In particular, they have "reclassified" a bunch of schedule 3 meds and bumped them up to schedule 2 when the script is filled in NY state.

    One very annoying example is testosterone. I seem to get a very annoying drug store lecture about it being a "narcotic" when I try and fill my prescription 3-4 days before running out. They won't allow refills either which means I need an expensive doctors appointment every month for life. Thanks New York... US healthcare wasn't already expensive enough....

    I think buprenorphine might also be in NY's schedule 2 list so it is worth checking.

    On top of that nonsense, certain chains like CVS have recently implemented their own, even more arduous, rules for prescription refills. The revolting pharmacist there told me that they won't fill my testosterone prescription until literally 30 days afters the last one was filled. In other words, I have to run out completely and if they happen to have to order it, I have to just go without my medication for a week. I have really grown to hate CVS which is unusual because I have never had strong feelings about a store before.

    Best thing is to find yourself a small private drug store that has a good relationship with your doctor. I get my subutex delivered directly to the doctors office so I don't have to deal with those annoyingly condescending pharmacists.

    On the few occasions where I have needed more before my next monthly prescription, my doctor has been able to get it for me as a dose adjustment. He did this for me when I hurt my back and needed extra for pain relief (as I couldn't take any other pain meds).

    My advice to anyone who runs out of subutex or suboxone before their next prescription regularly, is to ask your doctor to up your dose. Buprenorphine is there to help you control your cravings so you won't need any other opiates. If your dose isn't enough then it is pointless. Everyone should find the dose that works for them. It is always better to have a little left over that you didn't need than to run out early and risk a relapse IMO.

    If your doc is being a c**t about prescribing enough subs, find yourself a more enlightened one. This is difficult because most doctors are arrogant pigs who are incapable of using the irrefutable truth to change their opinions. There are a few who are slightly less piggish though. You want one who will deal with your pharmacist for you. Pharmacists are trained to be wary of addicts so they go out of their way to make it harder to get your prescription. Your doc can cut through that bs for you. Every month your doc should be asking you if the subs dose is still holding you.

    We are so used to lying to our doctors so they won't hold back our script that we can forget that it is ok to say you need more subutex or suboxone. It is far easier for them to prescribe 16 mg per day instead of 8mg, for example, than it is to get you an extra 7 pills a week early. As long as it isn't a regular thing, they can do it though. Even in New York which has become the worst police state of all.

    Quote Originally Posted by UptownToodeloo View Post
    Oh, also,

    something I did find out, was with actual prescription refill, the 7 days exist over monthly refilled long term prescription, and if you get it 7 days early, you have to wait a full 30 days every other time. So since I get a new script written each month, does that mean I get 7 days each time?

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