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Questions regarding sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medicine
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    Default Questions regarding sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medicine


    I'm new here. I struggle daily with terrible anxiety. I currently am prescribed 10mg of Paxil for it. It works great. However, I also have an extreme fear of flying and I freak out on planes. I'm going to be flying to Austin TX in November. I was going to ask my doctor for Xanex or Lorazepam for the plane trips. He's prescribed me these before, however not since I've been on Paxil.

    I also wanted to ask for a strong sleeping pill for the trip and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for something that would completely put me to sleep. I've been prescribed Lunesta and Ambien and I've managed to stay awake while taking the recommended dose of each (on separate occasions). Is there something stronger than these that I can't fight off? I psych myself out about taking sleep medicine and it makes it difficult to fall asleep.

    Any suggestions regarding "knock out" sleeping pills? Any advice regarding interactions?

    Additional info: I'm 25, 5'1" and weigh 115lbs.


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    You do not want to knock yourself completely out during a flight. If there were an emergency you would not be able to respond. The correct way to handle extreme anxiety about flying is to take an anti anxiety medication exactly as prescribed by your doctor, no more and no less. You want enough to ease the panic and anxiety but not enough to knock you out.

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