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restoril generic?
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    Default restoril generic?

    My Dad is taking generic restoril (temazepam). They are plain white capsules, and I don't know for sure but I think maybe they are 30 mgs. My Mom died 2 months ago and it's been hard on all of us, so his doctor prescriped them for him. My doc gave me Ambien for 30 days, and they really didn't do much for me. I would like to know the difference between Restoril >>. Ambien, and which one would be more likely to grow dependent on. I stopped the Ambien no problem since they didn't work for me, but how about my Dad using the temazepam?

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    Ambien (zolpidem) and temazepam are both intended for the short-term treatment of insomnia.
    There is a risk of dependence with both drugs (though especially with temazepam) and withdrawal symptoms may occur if stopped suddenly even after as little as a week. If someone has been taking sedatives for a period of time and experiences withdrawal symptoms, it is recommended the dose is tapered gradually.
    The maximum dose for temazepam is 30 mg at night, so I would imagine your dad is at risk of becoming dependent, particularly if he is elderly.

    Info at and

    Take care and look after him

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    Default Side effects

    I was prescribed Zolpidem for 8 weeks in 2001; I was depressed and suffering from insomnia at the time. For the first week they put me to sleep fine, but after that the side effects kicked in - I became extremely depressed and suicidal (feelings which stopped very quickly once I stopped taking the medication) and my sleep pattern became very irregular - although they would knock me out, within a couple of hours I would wake up having suffered from terrible nightmares, which didn't help my mental state. My (non-medical) advice would be that as a one-off they may be ok to help him sleep; but watch very carefully for exacerbated symptoms of depression even after one dose. Richard
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    Default Starting Temazapam today

    The following is what I gave my sleep doctors today.
    They agree there is no treatment for Idiopathic Insomnia.
    We are going to try Temazapam again? Oh Well.
    I took Ambiem for 14 years can anyone beat that?

    Sleep Disorder History

    Insomnia 55+ years IDIOPATHIC = EXACTLY as described in the ICSD (780.52-7)

    Sleep study #1 1/1997, Sleep Study #2 3/1997 with CPAP, West Hills Sleep Center Dr. Dowds
    Mild sleep apnea (780.53-0)

    UPPP and Rhinoplasty 6/1998 I now have problems swallowing, I aspirate food which cause Aspiration Pneumonia two or three times a year, have post nasal drip and food and pills get stuck in my throat. I was able to breathe better and enjoyed a couple of year’s small improvement but turbinates have grown back and nocturnal sinus problems have returned.

    Sleep Study #3 10/1998, West Hills Sleep Center Dr. Dowds
    CPAP cannot tolerate causes pain, anxiety, panic, dry mouth and air blow-by since UPPP done.

    Sleep studies #’s 4 & 5 VA W.LA Mid 2000’s did not sleep at all #4 and only momentary sleep in #5.

    Ambien 1997 – 2010 Discontinued by patient due to 14 years of no short term memory and amnesia of cooking, eating and shopping on line, also the link between use of sleeping pills and increased cancer rate….have also been prescribed by the VA= Zaleplon, Lunesta, Ramelteon, Ramelteon and Ambien, Temazepam, Triazolam and others I don’t remember along with various herbs like melatonin. I am not currently using any sleep aid do not use alcohol or recreational drugs.

    Cognitive Training (Insomnia Treatment Program) 2008 with Jennifer L. Martin PhD. I believe this is when the DSPS started. At this time my sleep quality and onset time degraded to its worst and has remained to this day. Let’s hear it for Mental Health.

    DSPS 2009 WLA Sleep Disorders. Verified with Actigraph Watch. Light box used many months. Stopped use of box 2/2011 made no sense. I used the approved method and took 6 months to turn times around to what would be considered socially acceptable awake time but undesirable time came back in 1 month. Waste of time changing circadian rhythm when it won’t remain naturally! My 24 hour clock is broken!

    Dental device causes feeling of panic and can’t swallow and major anxiety cannot use.

    Tinnitus continuous need to have radio or TV on. Verified but no treatment offered – worsens with any dose of Aspirin(even baby dose), large doses of NSAIDs and some other medications.

    Pain at night. OA - spine, knees, hands and shoulders. Have shoulder surgery scheduled in September 2011 W.LA VA. If I take the prescribed codeine it makes the nauseous feeling from the Diabetic GI nerve problem worse and Medical Marijuana is the only safe medicine but barely works when codeine is used.

    Enlarged Prostrate verified 10/2009 by doctor during a colonoscopy I get up to urinate 2+ times nightly.
    Acid Reflux the bed is elevated 6” at the head not helpful to good sleep and still have episodes of reflux (awaking with acid in sinuses or aspirated once every two months or so).

    Mental Health. Just released from care for ADHD with Clonidine thought an anti-hyperactivity drug would help me sleep. Just found in my research “Persons with idiopathic insomnia often complain of difficulties with attention or concentration or hyperactivity” The Doctor did suggest a trial with Seroquel which I refused. I am so surprised the VA will prescribe Seroquel a dangerous medicine for Schizophrenia or nasty hypnotics like Ambien, but refuse to treat my anxieties or give me sedatives for occasional make-up sleep.

    They have agreed and are treating my anxieties since I can't sleep.

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    I'm not a doctor. Go to a sleep lab and get tested for sleep apnea--you have all the symptoms.

    Hope this helps,


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