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serequol withdrawls
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    Exclamation serequol withdrawls

    ok peeps listen up. ive been on serequol for 10 years. my shrink decided to take me off. the first time he did it cold turkey that lasted all of 2 days.

    on july 26 i went from 100mg to 75 mg.
    on august 26 i went down to 50mg.
    on sept 26 i went down to 25mg.
    on oct 12 i took my last one.

    so on sunday i didnt take one and i only slept for 2 hours and i was anxious and paranoid.
    monday i was so tired so i took 2 ezee sleep pills and i slept for 4 hours.
    tuesday i slept 2 hours
    wedsnesday i slept 2 hours.
    thursday i slept 1 hour.
    friday my wife let me take 2 sleeping pills i slept 8 hours.
    saturday 1 hour.
    sunday nothing.
    yesterday i slept 7 hours.

    i am exhausted and i cant sleep or function but you adjust to it.

    thats the sleeping part.

    i got the runs, my stomache was always hurting i mean soar enough to have to lay in bed for hours, then theres the itchiness. you scratch so bad that you think you have bugs. it started on wedsnesday. nothing helps and you dont want to go on any other meds.

    so ive become very anxious and paranoid. i had a panic attack every night. >> lay in bed all night cause you need to keep your normal bedtime routine. my chest was tight, my throat raw, and the thoughts that would pop into your head are something else. just yesterday i had a panic attack cause i thought my wife was going to close the bedroom door. i have to keep the bedroom door open during the night.

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    i forgot to mention the anger. ive been so angry everyday and ive had several outbursts

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