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short term Benzodiazepine use
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    Default short term Benzodiazepine use

    So my psychologist wants me to take Clonazepam (Klonopin) in combination with my therapy to treat social anxiety.
    says its only going to be temporary,
    I did some reading on Clonazepam , and its scaring the heck out of me, lots of horror stories.
    But the ones I read were all from people who have been taking it for years.
    Anyone here only used it short term? can it be something you can use only one day out of the week or does it have to be used daily?
    psychologist referred me to a psychiatrist to get a prescription of it, what kind of question should I be asking him?

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    I have taken klonopin short term. I am currently trying to taper off it and it has been difficult. I started at .5 mg × 2 a day for two weeks. I felt good but I did not want to become dependent on it so I started tapering down slowly. After 4 weeks I have made it down to .25 mg a day. I plan to stay at .25 for another week. Then Ill try to cut down to .125 for a week then do it every other day for another week. Then I can hopefully jump off for good. I would advise not taking any benzo unless you are completely desperate. But if you have to you have to

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