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Short term use of lorazepam ?
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    Default Short term use of lorazepam ?

    Hi everyone,

    I have been dealing with a medical issue that can give me insane anxiety. A doctor of mine gave me 15 pills of 0.5 mg of lorazepam when I am having an attack or about to have one. Since February I have used 10 and I haven't used one since March. My anxiety has been stable but I had a flare up and I did not sleep at all last night and had major anxiety all night. I was wondering if it is bad to use this amount of lorazepam for a week to get me stable able until my flare up leaves or if it's that addicting? I've never been on medication and I've never had addiction issues. Thanks!

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    You have only 5 left? And you want to use one every night to get you past some severe anxiety and sleeplessness this week? I don't think that will get you "hooked" however I'm not sure it will cure the problem. You may find you have the same anxiety and sleeplessness at the end of the week. If it were me, I would maybe use it one night. Your use of only 10 since January is very good if you can keep it that infrequent you should not have any problems. It is when people start using it every day they get into trouble. You can become physically dependent and then it can be very difficult to quit. Even if you are not an addict personality the physical dependency can get you. Five days shouldn't do that, but the temptation will be to ask the doctor for more, then use it more often. I would not go down that road. Keeping it to 15 pills in 6 months is excellent and I'd keep it just like that. You might want to try some herbal supplements. They don't work instantly or as strongly, but can have a subtle calming effect and can be very helpful.

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