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side affects?stop taking crestor?Immediate or gradually?
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    Question side affects?stop taking crestor?Immediate or gradually?

    I have been taking crestor for a while now.
    I recently broke my wrist and was feeling pretty sore/achy all over. I thought it was all part of the hard fall that I took. I waited 31/2 weeks and was still feeling muscle/joint pain. I was told that this muscle pain could be side affect of crestor and not just the bad fall. I decided to stop taking the crestor for a while and see if pain went away. Pain in muscle has diminished but I am feeling exhausted today and this is not usual for me, unless I am coming down with something. Does anyone know if there are side affects from coming off crestor.

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    I think you should talk this over with your doctor. You have several sysmptoms that have been associated as side effects of Crestor: Muscle cramps, arthritis, localized pain, muscle pain, and genearl weakness. Only your doctor should take you off a medication because he/she will know if there are any other problems that sudden withdrawl might cause. I think it would definitely be in your best interest to go see him/her. Good luck.

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    Crestor also made my muscles weak, shaky and it felt like I had to force myself just to move. I had trouble with all the staton drugs to lower cholesterol. I've tried 6 of them. Now, I'm not on any. Just fish oil! Not sure how the levels are are currently.

    When it's out of your system, hopefully your muscles will feel better. Hoping for the best

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